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The origins of Aqualead.

Clarification about the origins of Aqualead.

Especially for those who are new or unfamiliar to Aqualead.

I would like to clarify certain things about Aqualead energy; angel Ariel (who is not an archangel, but a Seraph) was present during the initial channelling of Aqualead, when I was in Buenos Aires.  This, however, does not mean that one needs angel Ariel’s help in order to work with the energy, nor invoke the angel’s help all the time. Aqualead energy is an ELEMENTAL energy that came from other worlds, and another galaxy.  This energy already exists in more advanced, evolved planets.

This energy has its own intelligence and wisdom, and we must trust the Aqualead energy in itself when using it. It is intelligent and knowledgeable, and in that sense is has similarities to Reiki.   It is a universal energy in its own way.  I’ve noticed many people invoking and asking for angel Ariel’s assistance all the time when using Aqualead, I’d like to clarify that this isn’t necessary.  The angel was only there at the time of the initial channelling, and Aqualead comes from another part of the universe; it is related to elemental beings, and Nature beings. Aqualead bring us closer to the simplicity and purity of Nature, seen in every leaf of a tree.  After millions of years of life evolving on this planet, humanity has caused much destruction, in a span of less than 500 years.  This is why Aqualead has reached this world, in order to perform this CLEANSING of the human world and hopefully stop the extensive damage caused by human activity.

For this reason we have much to learn from this powerful (and still new) energy, it’s a precious energy that connects us to the elements of Nature, and I encourage people to make contact with these incredible beings, with whom we should be working.  My masters sent me a meditation to connect with the energy of Elves, I will publish it once again, it is done with the symbol Noldu.  It is not included in the Aqualead level II manual, because it is quite strong, but it is an excellent practice, for those who have a bit more experience.

I’d like to remind everyone also, that even though angel Ariel is important, and assisted me in the initial channeling process when everything was new, Aqualead IS NOT A RELIGION, NOR IS IT A CULT TO ANGEL ARIEL.

Aqualead brings us closer into the realm of gnomes, fairies, Elves and these magical worlds, this way we are able to bring the ‘magic’ of this energy, which does have an angelical ray, to the forests and plants.  Aqualead is a force of Nature: the power of the oceans, the tiger’s claws, the eternity of the mountains, the melody of bird songs…  It teaches us to communicate with the trees, the Earth itself, and to RESPECT ANIMALS (through the symbol Enqui).  We can see a balance between the Earth and sky, a very high and pure vibration of energy (like the angel’s), but which grounds us in the Earth and on the planet.  Aqualead is here to teach us to live in our own proper place, without any excess, in harmony with other beings: animal, plant and elemental.  This way it strengthens us all, because in reality we are all ONE.

I’ve included this photo (that I’ve published many times already) of the Andromeda galaxy.  Look at the image, and feel the energy of this formation of millions of stars, and millions of years arriving into this world and in our hearts.  This is where Aqualead comes from.

Sabine Blais.


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