viernes, 31 de julio de 2009

Why is Aqualead Free?

Why is Aqualead Free?

Aqualead has been channelled and developped in Buenos Aires, Argentina since August 30, 2008. Now Aqualead is being practiced and taught in Argentina, with about 20 practitioners and nine Masters. Since this new energy healing modality first has been developped, Aqualead has been practiced and taught for free. Aqualead sessions and classes are free of charge, and this applies to anyone regardless of background or economical situation. Why? Because Aqualead was channelled and developped as a volunteer project that has no value or concept of money. Aqualead has arrived in our world just in time in order to help stop and hopefully reverse the massive damage done to our planet.

The purpose of Aqualead is to heal the Earth and help restore nature back to its original balance. The Aqualead symbols are tools to help humanity develop a higher level of spiritual and personal evolution. To the angelic realm, this has no price. Not charging for Aqualead also removes the financial pressure of being able to 'afford' to learn it and receive the attunements. This energy is for everyone, and Aqualead is the Angel's
gift to the Earth.

If we look at the history of Reiki, Dr. Usui mentioned that there must be an energy exchange when giving Reiki, whether it be money or some other form of exchange. Energy is never lost but transformed; when practicing and teaching Aqualead, you do receive a form of 'payment' in the form of a healthier and safer planet to live on, as well as creating a better and more magical world. Being able to accomplish this is priceless, as this planet's restauration is not a luxury nor on option; this should not require any 'payment' from another person. As we are about to enter this new age, Aqualead sends a clear message: this type of energy healing has no price and should not be reserved for only a part of humanity. Aqualead belongs to the Earth, and despite its persistent abuse by humanity, the planet does not discriminate who should live here or not.

Aqualead is therefore a planetary project, and this type of work cannot be done alone. It requires the faith and humility of every single person to spread this new Light in this world and allow it to grow. One does not need to be an enlightened Master in order to practice Aqualead and send healing to the water. Also, one does not need to only send healing to water with the energy of Aqualead; there many more things that can be manifested and created with this energy, along with the nine symbols.

With Aqualead we now have the possibility of bringing healthier forests and fields, cleaner oceans, greater prosperity and abundance, manifesting water, and creating Light without electricity, among the many things that Aqualead can do. Aqualead does not demand money: like water, it only asks to be and to flow freely to wherever it is needed, in order to restore our basic harmony with nature and spirit.

Sabine Blais, Aqualead Master
Buenos Aires, July 29, 2009