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On August 30th, 2011, Aqualead celebrates its third year of existence in the world. I invite everyone to celebrate this event in your home, town or part of the world, as we are still adapting to this powerful new energy in South and North America.. Many changes have occures so far, and more transformation is yet to come, as Aqualead heals the Earth's precious water, and continues to spread. was channeled in Buenos Aires, Argentina on August 30th, 2008 by Sabine Blais. Aqualead is practiced and taught free of charge. THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT!

Peace, Sabine.!/event.php?eid=141624719262130


En el 30 de Agosto, 2011, Aqualead festeja su tercer año de presencia en el mundo. Invito todo(a)s a brindar este evento en su casa, en su ciudad o pais, mientras que seguimos adaptandonos a esa nueva energía poderosa en América del Sur y Norte. Hay muchos cambios hasta ahora en la Tierra, y
vienen màs tranformaciones, mientras que Aqualead sana el agua del planeta y se propaga en el mundo. Aqualead fue canalizado en Buenos Aires, Argentina en el 30 de Agosto 2008. Aqualead se practica y se enseña gratis. GRACIAS POR ESTE REGALO!

Paz, Sabine.!/event.php?eid=141624719262130

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

About Sabine Blais - Updated August 2011

About Sabine Blais

Born in Ottawa, Canada on September 3rd, 1971, Sabine Blais is an English teacher, a Karuna Reiki Master and an IET Master-Instructor. She studied Philosophy and French Literature at Ottawa University in 1990 and won a poetry prize in French Canadian Literature in 'Poemes du Lendemain' in Trois-Rivières, Québec in 1994. She has worked as a Paramedic for seven years. In 2003 she developped an interest in spirituality and holistic healing and began learning the healing arts in Ottawa. She later taught psychic development classes in 2005 and published a book entitled 'The Psychic's Guide, volume One’.

She moved to Argentina in 2006 and began teaching Reiki and IET in Buenos Aires. In August 2008, she inadvertently channeled Aqualead energy and later began practicing and teaching Aqualead to the general public in Buenos Aires, as of October 2008.

Sabine has travelled all over Argentina to teach Aqualead and has resided in Buenos Aires for nearly 5 years. In June 2011 she returned to the Gatineau region, in Canada. She is actively involved with environmental concerns and sends distant environmental healing to the Earth. On her spare time she plays the violin and the flute and does crafts.

May 20, 2010.
Updated August 7th, 2011

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Video de Aqualead en Espanol - Bariloche, 2011

Nuevo! Video de Aqualead en Espanol - Bariloche, 2011


Aqualead explicado por Sabine Blais
Sabine Blais explica que es Aqualead. Lago Nahuel Huapi, Bariloche, Argentina Mayo de 2011.