viernes, 24 de diciembre de 2010

The Canadian Aqualead Association

The Canadian Aqualead Association
The Canadian Aqualead Association (CAA) is a non-profit organization focused on the teaching, knowledge and practice of Aqualead energy in all the Canadian provinces. The Institute is bilingual and provides information about Aqualead in both official languages across Canada.

The Canadian Aqualead Association's mission is to provide Aqualead training and information to the general public, provide teaching guidelines and support to all Aqualead Practitioners and Masters in
order to maintain consistency and quality of the teaching of Aqualead in the entire country. The Canadian Aqualead Association preserves archives of Aqualead's history, Master lineages, events, programs and related publications. The Association follows the guidelines in accordance with the International Institute of Aqualead Studies (IIAS).

1. The purpose of Aqualead energy is to salvage the Earth and restore the planet’s natural state of balance.
2. Aqualead practitioners and Masters are people who have received training and the necessary attunement(s) in order to practice and teach Aqualead energy healing.
3. Aqualead sessions and classes are free of charge, voluntary donations are accepted.
4. Aqualead supports trees, vegetation and wildlife; all living things have the right to live free and undisturbed in their own natural environment.
5. Aqualead supports conservation, recycling and sustainable agriculture.

Director/Founder: Sabine Blais -