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There are no prerequisite for this class. All are welcome!
Where: 57 rue des Orchidées, Gatineau (Hull)
When: St. September 8, 2018 at 1 1am

*Aqualead classes are free of charge, voluntary donations are accepted and appreciated.

Aqualead Energy Healing is a energy healing modality that was channelled by Sabine Blais on August 30th, 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It heals and purifies water all over the planet as well as inside all living beings. Our bodies are 70% water and the Earth's surface is covered mostly with water. By healing water we can heal all life on Earth and the planet itself. This new energy is unique and is not related to any other energy healing modalities, such as Reiki.

The Aqualead healing session is practised hands-on. It heals at the physical level, emotional and mental levels; it acts powerfully on the human body, as it raises the energy vibration in water in cells and tissues. Aqualead is an elemental energy focused on connecting us directly to the elements of nature and elemental beings. The energy can also be sent at a distance to heal the environment.
There are three levels of Aqualead Energy Healing:

Level I - Healing Water in all living beings (humans, animals, plants, distant healing).
Level II - Environmental Healing (lakes, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere)
Level III - Manifesting Water and teaching/giving attunements.

Nine symbols are used in Aqualead Energy Healing. In order to practice Aqualead one must receive an attunement from a Master.

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In this class, Aqualead masters learn the first level of Dyanstir energy. The class is held at my home in Gatineau (Hull). The class is by voluntary donation. The use of a wand in Dyanstir is optional, bring your wand if you have one.

*Prerequisite: Aqualead master (level III)

Where: 57 rue des Orchidées, Gatineau (Hull)
When: Sunday, September 16, at 11:00 am.


Dyanstir is a new elemental energy modality, for Aqualead masters only. It is a continuation of Aqualead Master level and allows one to connect to the other elements which are not dealt with in Aqualead, such as fire, air and earth. The system is composed of two levels: practitioner and master. There are six symbols in this energy system. In addition to the elements, more manifestation energies are introduced.

The prerequisite to learn Dyanstir is Aqualead master (level III); however, Emergentus level III practitioners are already attuned to these symbols through the wand activation. Practitioners of Emergentus at the third level do not require any attunement to learn, use the symbols and give Dyanstir attunements.

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Dyanstir was originally channelled in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009.

This new energy system is now available to Aqualead masters in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Sabine Blais

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viernes, 10 de agosto de 2018

List of Aqualead and Queldon Masters International - by country 2018 - Listado maestos por pais

List of Aqualead and Queldon Masters - International 2018

Listado internacional de maestros de Aqualead y Queldon – 2018

Most of the Aqualead masters on this list are also Queldon masters.  Queldon is available in Argentina, Canada, Iceland, Spain and Uruguay.  Dyanstir classes are also available to Aqualead masters in those countries.  Check the prerequisites.   


La mayoría de los maestros de Aqualead en este listado son también maestros de Queldon.  Queldon se enseña en Argentina, Canadá, Islandia, España y en Uruguay.  También se ofrece cursos de Dyanstir para los maestros en estos países.  Verificar los prerrequisitos.

Argentina (*)

Contactos para el listado:

Mariel Leone –

Judith Fabita Julio –

Lidia Troglio –

Erica Dolce –

Silvina Rosales (Patagonia)

Liz Marcos (provincia de San Juan)


German Forguez (La Paz) –   tel. 59178930012


Clarissa Mansur (Sao Paolo) –


Sabine Blais (Ottawa – Gatineau, Quebec) –

Kathrine Lemmon – Carlisle, Ont.  (Toronto – Hamilton) -

Shelley Watt – Burlington, Ont. (Toronto – Hamilton)  

Brian Gray – (Toronto – Hamilton)

Angel D’Aoust (Ottawa) –

Nadia Nicole (Hamilton) –

Johane Desjardins (Ottawa) –


Aqualead Energy Healing (Latinoamerica)


Aqualead Energy Healing (Latinoamerica)

Marisabel Burbuja Logreira (Bogotá) -


Maria Shanko –

Thromudur Simonarson (Snæfellsnes and Reikjavik) - 


Paula Calvo –


Aqualead México y Centroamérica

Iliana Encinas (Distrito Federal) –

Carlos Antonio Villa Guzmán (Jalisco) –   tel. 333 158 6093


Aqualead Peru

Gabriel Palacios Pomareda


Verónica Diaz Pérez (Vereda de Avalon), Sevilla -

Laura Fernández Andrate (Madrid) –

Paula Norena Rodriguez (Alcala de Henares, Madrid) –

Maria del Rocio Flores Gonzalez (Sevilla) –

Immaculada Conde Fernandez (Sevilla) –

Macarena Davila (Barcelona) –

Laura Gimeno (Barcelona) -  celu: 637790558

United Kingdom

Nadja Rose Kill (Wales) -

River Song Nature Retreat (Wales) -   

Sabine Blais (travel) -

United States

Sara Ramirez – Paterson, NJ –

Sabine Blais – (travel)

Uruguay (*)

Comunidad Aqualead Uruguay

Contacto: Flavia Toledo (Maldonado) – 

(*) Ver blog para listados en Argentina y Uruguay

Blog Wordpress (Argentina – Uruguay):

Maestros de Aqualead y Queldon en URUGUAY, Julio 2018

Maestros de Aqualead y Queldon en Uruguay

Lista actualizada – 31 de Julio, 2018

*Pre requisito: tener el segundo nivel del Aqualead (II) durante un tiempo mínimo de 6 meses.

*Pueden buscar los nombres como aparecen en Facebook (FB).


Anirac Solar - Jardines de Solymar


Mariana Bueno - Melo


Patricia Ananadez - Trinidad (25 de Agosto 471) Cel. 099 001 399


Flavia Toledo - Cel. 091 289 698 - FB: @zafiroenergiayarte

Nirvana Cáceres - Cel. 099 704 271

Valeria San Martín - Cel. 099 616 868

Leonor Basalo - Cel. 098 797 728


Carina Mezquita.

Leticia Breijo - - Cel. 095380094

Diego Tucci - Malvin

Maca Oros Soria - Palermo – Cel. 094 280 265

Enrique Danilo Díaz - Palermo - Cel. 093 920 972

Paula Muníz

Natalia Gomez Caniella - Piedras Blancas - Cel. 092745587

Liliana Robinson - Palermo - Cel. 095284336 - - FB: @lilianarobinsoncentrodeformacion

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