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OTAR ENTIR - 2021 (English - Espanol)

 Otar Entir


 This Otar is the first and most basic of the 14 Otar levels of magical power.  Otar Entir is also the most universal and is found everywhere.  It spontaneously appears wherever there is conscious energy work practised, regardless of magical knowledge. 

 Otar Entir is present when practising energy healing modalities or other energy practices.  This includes, Reiki, Aqualead, Tai Chi, acupuncture and yoga among others.  Otar Entir is equivalent to the Chi, Ki or prana and represents the universal life force that is fluid in the universe. 


 Otar Pelar

 Otar Pelar however is the beginning of conscious magical work.  Any energy or spiritual practise that entails the use of spells or pronounced manifestation work requires Otar Pelar.    Otar Pelar is the minimal amount of power required to practise the most basic systems of magic.   An example of Pelar magic is: Eraz.   Anyone who is consciously practising magic is invoking at least Otar Pelar.


Sabine Blais

March 2021



 Otar Entir

 Este Otar es el primero y lo más básico de 14 niveles de poder mágico.   Otar Entir también es lo mas universal y se encuentras en todos los lugares.  Aparece en donde se practica un trabajo energético de manera consciente, a pesar de conocimiento mágico.  


Otar Entir es presente cuando uno practica técnicas de sanación energéticas u otras prácticas similares.  Incluyen el Reiki, Aqualead, Tai Chi acupuntura y yoga entre otras.  Otar Entir es equivalente al Chi, el Ki o el prana y representa la fuerza universal fluida que esta en el universo.


Otar Pelar

  Otar Pelar es el comienzo del trabajo mágico consciente.  Cualquier practica espiritual o energética que involucra el uso de hechizos o trabajo de manifestación consciente requiere Otar Pelar.  Otra Pelar es el poder mínimo requerido para practicar los sistemas más básicos de magia.  Un ejemplo de magia con Otar Pelar seria Eraz.   Uno que practica la magia de manera consciente invoca por lo menos Otar Pelar.


Sabine Blais

Marzo 2021


 Risteri magic

Types of magic



Risteri magic is a group of systems of magic and is divided into six major divisions.  These divisions of magic are:

 Andromedan (12)

Lyran (4)

Cassiopeian (1)

Triangulum (1)

Aquilan (5)

Capricorn (6)


Each of these divisions have at least one system of magic.  The following chart explains the structure of Risteri magic.  There are a total of 29 different systems of magic. 


 Magia Risteri

Tipos de magia


La magia Risteri es un grupo de sistemas de magia divididos en seis clases.  Las clases de magia son:


Andromedano (12)

Lira (4)

Cassiopeia (1)

Triangulum (1)

Aquilano (5)

Capricornio (6)


 Cada uno de estas clases comportan al menos un sistema de magia.  El siguiente diagrama explica la estructura completa de Risteri.  Son 29 sistemas de magia en total.


 Sabine Blais

Mazo 2021



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Sabine Blais Channeller 2021



Some fun/random facts about myself..


I am biracial; I have a Haitian mother, and French-Canadian father.


I am the youngest of seven children, even though I was the only child of my parent`s marriage.


My maternal grandfather practised/officiated Voodoo ceremonies.


When I was about 11 years old, I rode my horse in the woods and decided to gallop in the trails.  My mare tripped/stumbled and I blacked out..  When I woke up, I was sitting on my horse in the middle of a field, walking back toward the stable.  I was completely confused and amnesic.  Up to this day, I have no recollection of why I blacked out, what happened and how I was still sitting in my saddle.


I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for five years – which is why I speak Spanish fluently.


I have been doing energy work for over 15 years; however I do not give readings or ‘healing sessions’; I’m a channeler - my job specialty is to write down new energies, then share and teach them to others.  Over the years, I have channelled several energy healing modalities, and new systems of magic.   I am currently working on #RisteriMagic, which I plan to publish in a series of books.  


I founded #Aqualead in 2008, which is now practised and known internationally.


When I say that I believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, fairies, gnomes, etc. it’s not a mere ‘spiritual belief’..  It’s because I have seen and heard them.  


Sabine Blais