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Aqualead in the province of Córdoba, Argentina

Aqualead in the province of Córdoba, Argentina

On November 6th, 7th and 8th, Aqualead Master Silvia Zuppelli and myself travelled to the refuge Paso a la Luz in Quebrada de Luna, near Capilla del Monte in Córdoba from Buenos Aires to teach Aqualead to a group of 17 students. We taught the first level of Aqualead on the first day soon after our arrival outside on the property. It was very beautiful sharing this new energy in a group, near a river under the trees. Aqualead was brought to Córdoba for the very first time and the impact on all us was very positive.
Of all the students in the group, 15 of them did the second and third levels and became Aqualead Masters (III), and two students completed Aqualead level II. Congratulations to all the new Aqualead practitioners and Masters and thank you for this very special moment, and for the immense breakthrough in sharing this new energy with the rest of the world.

We now have Aqualead practitioners and Masters in several provinces of Argentina: province of Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Bariloche, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and Mendoza.
Much gratitude and love to all those involved, and to the planet,
Sabine Blais, Aqualead Master,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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