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Beyond Aqualead Master: The Unicorn Symbols

Beyond Aqualead Master: The Unicorn Symbols
Since December 2009 new energy symbols have arrived, which are the six Unicorn symbols. The energy of Unicorns is of a very high and pure vibration of energy. Unicorns are not just mere animals but are beings of Light, which exist in a higher dimension (sixth dimension). The presence of such energies on Earth is new and unusual, however timely.
These new energies are not Aqualead but are available to Aqualead Masters who want to learn them. These symbols act very powerfully and are focused on healing the emotions, clearing DNA and protecting the environment. Aqualead Masters wanting to learn these symbols do not require any additional attunements, since they are already attuned to the angelic ray of the Light symbol at the Master level of Aqualead.

The Unicorns symbols are easy to learn, easy to use and the course is free of charge. In order to learn the Unicorn symbols, one must have completed all three levels of Aqualead and have received the necessary attunements from a recognized Aqualead Master. Aqualead is taught to the general public free of charge - donations are accepted.
For more information about Aqualead classes and the Unicorn symbols, please contact Sabine Blais -

Sabine Blais, Aqualead Master

March 22, 2010

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