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Aqualead Energy - General InfoUpdated April 30, 2010

Aqualead Energy - General InfoUpdated April 30, 2010

What is Aquealead?
Aqualead Energy Healing in a new energy healing modality that heals, purifies and energizes water all over the planet, as well as in all living beings. The human body is made of 70% water, and the Earth's surface is covered mostly with water. Therefore, healing water means healing the Earth, and all the life forms it supports.

Where does Aqualead Energy come from?
This healing modality was channelled and developped by Sabine Blais on August 30, 2008 from Angel Ariel and the Angelic realm. The Energy of Aqualead is Angelic and has a very high frequency of energy. It acts solely on water and its purpose is to heal and cleanse, in order to heal the Earth and all living things. Aqualead energy acts powerfully on the human body. This new healing modality was channelled and developped in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Is Aqualead Energy similar to Reiki or IET?
NO. Aqualead Energy is an energy of its own kind and is a new energy that was channelled in this world. It is not Reiki, nor is it similar to any style of Reiki. Even though the modality was channelled with the help of Angel Ariel, it is not related to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) in any way.

How is Aqualead practiced?
Aqualead Healing is practiced hands-on on a client in the level I healing session. It is also projected at a distance to any living being, as well as to any body of water, from an ocean to a glass of tap water. Symbols are also used.

How does the Aqualead energy work during the session?
Aqualead Energy works mainly at the physical level. It will cleanse, purify and energize the water in your body and change its molecular structure to place it on a higher vibration of energy. The client may experience a strong release of toxins and may experience various symptoms (healing crisis) during and after the session. The energy gives a cool, refreshing and invigorating sensation and the client may fall asleep during the session as the healing takes place. The energy also helps clear the mind and emotions, and helps the client gain more insight and clarity.

Where is Aqualead Energy applied on the human body?
The areas treated are mostly the vital organs and corresponding chakras. The head, throat, chest and abdomen (Solar plexus) are treated. Aqualead energy will cleanse and heal all body fluids and organs that hold/filter water, such as: the blood, kidneys, liver, colon, brain, eyes, lymphatic system and cerebro-spinal fluid. Note: The healing crisis can be experienced during or after the Aqualead session and the attunement during a class.

What are the levels of Aqualead?
There are three levels of Aqualead healing: level I (Healing all living beings), level II (Environmental Healing) and level III-Master (Aqualead Master).
*In level I the practioner can heal and cleanse water in living beings. *The level II the practitioner can heal and cleanse areas or bodies of water in order to perform Environmental healing, including lakes, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere and tap or bottled water. *The Aqualead level III-Master can attract and manifest water using the Water Manifestation Symbol. Masters can also teach Aqualead Healing and give attunements.

Can everyone learn Aqualead?
Yes, there are no pre-requesites to learn Level I. An attunement is given at each level of Aqualead Healing, in order to practise it. Can Aqualead Healing be practised on pregnant women, babies and children?
YES. The energy is safe for babies, young children and pregnant women.

How much time must I wait before learning Aqualead level II, and III after learning the first level?
Students must wait minimum 24 hours between the level I and level II attunement. However, Students must wait a longer period before undertaking the level III-Master level.

What is the attunement?
The attunement is a process in which the Aqualead Master gives the students the ability to channel and practice Aqualead and work with the Angels. The attument is permanent, once you have Aqualead, you have it for life. There is an attunement for each of the three levels of Aqualead. The attunement is a simple process, and it permanently raises the energy vibration of the student. Only an Aqualead Master can give Aqualead attuments to students.

How long is the course?
The classes are a few hours long and include practice.

Is Aqualead safe for plants and pets?
Yes, absolutely. The session can be applied hands-on on a pet, or the energy can be projected at a distance. However, please respect the animal's limits and know when the pet has had enough energy.

Can Aqualead be practised in a session with other forms of energy healing or holistic therapies?Yes, Aqualead can be used with other healing energies such as Reiki and IET, and blends well with massage, aromatherapy, crystal healing, refloxogy, etc..

How much do Aqualead classes cost?
Aqualead is free of charge, donations are accepted.

More Updates: Aqualead now has nine (9) symbols
There are now meditations that are practiced at every level of Aqualead
There are now six (6) Unicorn symbols that are taught only to Aqualead Masters

Sabine Blais, Aqualead Master
April 30, 2010

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