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Aqualead News, Canada - July 2011

Aqualead in Tone magazine, Ottawa
Aqualead is now advertised in Tone magazine in Ottawa (p.28) and in Revue Cheminement in French for the Outaouais region (p. 25). It’s a first for this new energy modality to appear in local holistic magazines in Canada. My hope is that Aqualead touches the hearts of people in the National Capital region as much as it did in Argentina, where it all began. This is the beginning of a new journey! Blessings.

Water Healing Ceremony – July 25th in Fukushima
Join the Emoto Peace Project – For more information about the events and how you can join remotely, through prayer, distant healing, and Aqualead of course:



Sabine Blais, Director
The Canadian Aqualead Association
International Institute of Aqualead Studies (IIAS)
Gatineau (Hull), Canada

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