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I channelled Aqualead in the Capital city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 30th, 2008. I was already a Usui, Karuna Reiki Master and a Master-Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), however I was not aware of any healing modality focused on healing water, nor the planet. I was working in a call center in downtown Buenos Aires, on a street called Bartolomé Mitre, it was a Saturday evening at around seven, and I had just finished reading the book from Masaru Emoto, which I had brought with me to work.

I began feeling the presence of angel Ariel with me through the use of IET, and I felt her presence very strongly at that moment. Suddenly, a symbol appeared in my mind’s eye, which appeared like a drop of water; I could see it clearly, I drew it and put two waves inside it.  Then a name came to me, it had four letters, the first letter was a consonant, Z, then another, until the word ZALA was written.  I received a message that this is a symbol destined to heal water.  

I thought this was all there was, but then another symbol appeared that I drew also, another drop of water like the first, but this time closed, and with hooks around it. I felt angel Ariel’s presence and I perceived that there was another name with five letters, this time beginning with a vowel, E. This way the name ELLEB came through. Later on, in the same manner, I channelled the symbols Dava and Gece, and within the span of an hour, I had four symbols and I was told that this is a new healing system that used symbols.

I began dividing the symbols by level; colours and crystals were associated with them. Gece (this is how the name appeared to me at first) was the attunement symbol, without colour or crystal.

The next day the modality’s name came to me.  The Angel said to me: AQUALEAD. She also told me that this was an angelic ray of energy, which resonated with nature and all the water on the planet.

Soon after, I began receiving the attunements for each symbol. I felt the energy they sent me and I had a healing crisis.  I felt flu-like symptoms, coughing, etc..  The second attunement for the second level was worse: I felt a strong sharp pain in my right flank/kidney area, as if something were releasing.  The pain lasted for two or three hours, but then dissipated.

The third attunement was easier, and I received the attunements for Zala and Gece, and it started raining at the same time. All the plumbing in the apartment where I was living broke: the wash machine, the toilet, water seeped through the walls, afterwards we had no water, etc.. The crisis settled, and shortly afterwards I began writing the first Aqualead manuals. I later on taught my first Aqualead student, in Buenos Aires on October 26th, 2008.  On November 2nd, I taught my first group class in La Lucila, in the province of Buenos Aires. Aqualead is currently spreading all over Argentina, and the rest of the world.

On May 14th, 2009 and the following week after that, I channelled the five other Aqualead symbols.  Noldu appeared to me on May 14th, and a bit later Janta and Quedea arrived together. The last Aqualead symbols I channelled were Unquwe and Enqui, at the same time. They sent me more complete information about each one of the Aqualead symbols: essences, trees, animals, planets, numbers, etc.. The accurate name for the attunement symbol Gece was actually Quesse.

Sabine Blais
Buenos Aires, May 26th, 2011l
Translated in English on April 27th, 2012.

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