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Queldon – April 27th, 2013

Queldon – April 27th, 2013

To all Queldon Masters and to those interested in Queldon

 This is a reminder to Masters who teach, that Queldon is not for everyone.  It is a very strong elemental energy (elvish) with a high and pure vibration, that is different from Aqualead.  New Queldon candidates are required to wait minimum 6 months after completing Aqualead level II in order to learn it, however people must also be well mentally, emotionally and spiritually before taking a Queldon class. People must look inside themselves, and see if they are on the path of love, or on the path of the ego.  This is a personal introspection we must all do.   

 Queldon is different from Aqualead, in the sense that it is much more than just a healing energy.  Like Aqualead, Queldon has its own intelligence and wisdom; however Queldon has more presence, as is it were a type of ‘entity’ surrounding you.  Queldon’s strong presence is felt during a healing session or class, and at times the energy will ‘appear’ to send a signal, or to communicate something.  Often, I’ve wondered whether Queldon was just an energy, or rather a being having its own will, like a genie.  It brings a complete clarity in every aspect of one’s life, if one is ready to acknowledge it.

 One must be prepared, ready and centered before thinking about learning this modality.  After a few observations, I realized that Queldon attunements amplify a person’s mental and emotional state, either in a positive or negative way.  If a person is not mentally or psychologically centered, a Queldon attunement may aggravate this condition and could be too much for the person to handle; the same applies for individuals who are alcoholic, or use drugs.  On the contrary, a person who is happy and grateful will become happier and more content with Queldon.
I understand that many people are anxious and enthusiastic about learning Queldon, however Masters must ask themselves whether a person is truly ready or not, and if teaching that person Queldon really serves the higher good.  Also, Aqualead practitioners must ask themselves if they really want to be attuned into this modality, and why?  I am not saying that we must discriminate students, but we must become more mindful of whom we are teaching this modality to, and if the person is prepared to receive such strong attunements.  I recommend that potential students try a Queldon session first, or receive a distant healing session before asking to learn it, this way they establish a first contact with the energy.

 If have included below some advice for Queldon Masters who teach, and for potential students to help them prepare themselves to learn Queldon.  These guidelines can be practiced daily, or once, twice or three times a week; these practices are worth doing continuously, not only once.

* Advice for students in order to help them prepare for Queldon:
Practice and study Aqualead level II.
Send distant healing
Give yourself the self-healing session, focusing on the heart
Meditate, with or without Aqualead symbols
Try the Meditation to connect with the energy of Elves (+)
Try a Queldon session, or receiving a distant Queldon session (+)
Observe your own energy, as well as other people’s energy
Be mindful of your thoughts and intentions
Send love and gratitude – towards the planet, and all of creation
Drink water and eat lightly.
(+) = Can be done only once.

* Advice for Masters before teaching Queldon:

Make sure the students has had Aqualead level II for at least 6 months
Practice the Queldon self-healing session
Ask yourself if the student is ready to receive a Queldon attunement
Observe the student’s energy
Project the intention in the Queldon class, that the attunement may serve the highest good of all.
In order to learn the Master level: the Queldon practitioner must wait minimum 2 months.

Sabine Blais
Queldon Master
April 27th, 2013

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