lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

New Aqualead Manuals 2015

New Published Aqualead Manuals


I’ve published a new version of the Aqualead manuals.  They are roughly the same as the manuals I give in the class only the presentation is different, with some added text and articles, in a spiral-bound book.   These versions are available only in English and in printed format, and are published by Silgerond Press.  The Aqualead and Unicorn symbols drawings are omitted from both manuals, and should be provided separately in the classes.  40 copies of each manual will be available as of Monday.   


Aqualead Practitioner Manuals: Levels I and II

ISBN 978-0-9936322-9-7


Aqualead Master Manual: Level III and Unicorn Symbols

ISBN 978-0-9938633-0-1


Since Aqualead classes are free of charge, I will not ‘sell’ the manuals.  There will be no price and a voluntary donation will be suggested.  Furthermore, 30% of the donations collected for these publications will be donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.   Sea Shepherd is a non-profit organisation dedicated to defending the oceans, marine habitats and wildlife.   






If you wish to obtain manuals, just contact me directly.

2015 will be a busy year! 


Blessed be,

Sabine Blais
Gatineau, Québec


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