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Sabine Blais Channeller 2021



Some fun/random facts about myself..


I am biracial; I have a Haitian mother, and French-Canadian father.


I am the youngest of seven children, even though I was the only child of my parent`s marriage.


My maternal grandfather practised/officiated Voodoo ceremonies.


When I was about 11 years old, I rode my horse in the woods and decided to gallop in the trails.  My mare tripped/stumbled and I blacked out..  When I woke up, I was sitting on my horse in the middle of a field, walking back toward the stable.  I was completely confused and amnesic.  Up to this day, I have no recollection of why I blacked out, what happened and how I was still sitting in my saddle.


I lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for five years – which is why I speak Spanish fluently.


I have been doing energy work for over 15 years; however I do not give readings or ‘healing sessions’; I’m a channeler - my job specialty is to write down new energies, then share and teach them to others.  Over the years, I have channelled several energy healing modalities, and new systems of magic.   I am currently working on #RisteriMagic, which I plan to publish in a series of books.  


I founded #Aqualead in 2008, which is now practised and known internationally.


When I say that I believe in spirits, ghosts, demons, fairies, gnomes, etc. it’s not a mere ‘spiritual belief’..  It’s because I have seen and heard them.  


Sabine Blais


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