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Aqualead Masters are able to charge, monetary exchanges - Update 2021

 AQUALEAD – Important Update 2021

 Aqualead Masters are able to charge, monetary exchanges.

 As of this date, Aqualead Masters will have the option of charging for their classes and sessions.  This change has been made in order to make it easier for Masters to cover their costs, rental fees and travel expenses.  After 13 years, Aqualead is established enough that it is safe to allow Masters to charge, without the modality becoming corrupt.   Charging should be done only to cover expenses or in case of financial difficulties.


 A few criteria apply:

 Only Aqualead Masters can charge.

 A Master can charge to cover any expenses incurred for classes, including printing and photocopying materials.

 A Master can charge to cover the cost of the rental of a space or office.


A Master can charge to cover the costs of any travel expenses, such as bus fares, flights, hotel room, etc.

 Teaching Aqualead in a metaphysical store or business: a Master can charge a fee for the classes.

 In case of economic difficulties and financial struggles, a Master can charge a fee for their classes or services as a means of support.

 Charging is only optional – you are free to continue by donation if you like.


 If you wish to continue teaching Aqualead by donations, feel free to do so, and disregard this notice.


Note: If a student cannot afford your fee, lower the price or offer the class by donation. You can do a sliding scale.


 Sabine Blais

August 10, 2021


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