lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

NEW! Aqualead for Kids Program - For ages 5 - 16 yrs

NEW! Aqualead for Kids Program
For ages 5 - 16 yrs

*Parental consent and presence required.
Crystals for kids: aquamarine, tiger's eye, citrine, turquoise, rose quartz and clear quartz.

Aqualead level I (minumum age 5 yrs)
Child learns two symbols (Elleb and Enqui), practices drawing them, crystals, how to practice Aqualead, receives the level I attunement, sends distant healing to living beings.

Aqualead level II (minimum age 6 yrs*)
Child learns two symbols (Dava and Janta), practices drawing them, crystals, receives the level II attument, sends distant healing to the environment.

* children with Aqualead level I should wait at least 1 year before moving to level II

** Noldu is omitted for young children; young children with Aqualead level II can later learn Noldu and be attuned to it.

*Minimum age for Noldu: 12 yrs. Aqualead level III-Master (Minimum age: 16 yrs)
Taught as an adult course to young adults only.
Note: In the Aqualead for Kids program, young students (Aqualead I - II) only lean the color, crystal, animal and flower of each symbol.

Sabine Blais
September 16, 2010

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