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The Philosophy of Aqualead - February 2016

The Philosophy of Aqualead 

 Re-connecting with the Earth and its inhabitants





Aqualead is a new healing energy that appeared seven years ago with a definite purpose of protecting, restoring and balancing natural habitats and the ecosystems.  It’s a hands on healing modality that is practised on humans beings and other living things. The energy of Aqualead acts mainly on water and has a cleansing, purifying effect.  The energy is also sent remotely at a distance to perform environmental energy work or to heal a larger amount of living beings on a mass scale. The effect can be felt on a human being at the physical, mental and emotional levels. Habitat and wildlife preservation seem to take the forefront of the world’s issues, and climate change is only one the problems we are faced to tackle.   Other problems include deforestation, plastic pollution, droughts and animal extinction.  Aqualead is focused on land and marine habitats and any natural space; the energy work is usually done remotely at a distance.   The main focus is water, since all life derives from water and is composed of it.   We now have a very elevated frequency of energy that grounds us into the very basic elements of the natural world, in order to reconnect us with the Earth.  It is also a great form of energy to quickly dispel negative energy and raise the vibration.  


Aqualead also supports plant and tree life and safe, natural, organic plant agriculture. The energy stimulates plant growth and brings forth a deeper connection with natural practices while moving away from genetically modified plants, pesticides and the use of chemicals. Yet, in order to heal the Earth, an important component is included in Aqualead’s energy work: healing humanity.  Since human activity and consumption are the root cause of the vast majority of these environmental problems, the healing must take place to open our consciousness and our hearts in order to be receptive to changing our habits.  Often, the change required is only a minor adjustment.  It includes reducing our use of plastic, eliminating plastic bags and straws, avoiding products that were tested on animals and recycling our waste as much as possible. 


Aqualead is the name of the energy as well as the modality, and has its own distinct philosophy which works hand in hand with environmental organizations such as Sea Shepherd.   Here are the five principles that reflect the philosophy of Aqualead:





1. The purpose of Aqualead energy is to salvage the Earth and restore the planet’s natural state of balance.


2. Aqualead practitioners and Masters are people who have received training and the necessary attunement(s) in order to practice and teach Aqualead energy healing.


3. Aqualead sessions and classes are free of charge. Voluntary donations only may be accepted.


4. Aqualead supports trees, vegetation and wildlife; all living things have the right to live free and undisturbed in their own natural environment.


5. Aqualead supports conservation, recycling and sustainable agriculture.




Protecting Biodiversity


Another important aspect of Aqualead’s purpose is the importance of protecting animals and wildlife.   Here we can clearly see the challenge Aqualead poses on the majority of people, where we are asked to extend the circle of our compassion towards other species beyond the human race and our familiar cats and dogs.  The energy of Aqualead supports every living being, including farm animals, wildlife and marine animals. We all share the same planet and we must think of ourselves as a part of a whole, instead of at the top of a food chain.


Ocean life is crucial to all life on earth.   The oceans are currently threatened by plastic waste, drifting fishing nets and overfishing.  Thousands of whales, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles die in fishing nets every year.  Marine animals also ingest plastic in the oceans, which kills them.  Helping the oceans means we need to stop supporting fisheries and fish farms as soon as possible.   Instead, more effort should be made towards recycling and removing plastic waster from the oceans.   Fish and seafood are luxuries that we do not need in our diets, and their harvest is killing life in the oceans. 


More effort needs to be taken to demonstrate compassion towards our fellow creatures of the Earth and stop their killing.   This includes ending cruel industries such as the fur industry, zoos, aquariums, circuses and cruel unnecessary sports such as hunting.  The energy of Aqualead can help bridge the gap between human and animal in order to clear the path to a greater compassion towards our fellow earthlings.  For more information on how to help the oceans:



Aqualead and Veganism: A Call for Compassion


Since the energy of Aqualead aims at healing the environment, we cannot separate environmental issues from our treatment of animals and wildlife.  Even though Aqualead is not a vegan organization or an animal rights group, the Centre of Aqualead supports and promotes veganism as a direct solution to a multitude of environmental issues that we can no longer ignore.  Modifying our diet to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is simple and animal proteins are easily replaced with plant proteins.  It’s beneficial and safer for human health, as there is no need to support these cruel and wasteful industries.  Aqualead can greatly assist in making this transition in our eating habits which is only a small dietary change.  Going vegan is cleaner, healthier and greatly reduces pollution and animal cruelty.   It’s a win-win situation.



Animal agriculture is becoming a growing and obvious issue for the environment and the Earth.   Millions of animals are killed every day for food, and meat production is responsible for water and land pollution, carbon emissions, deforestation and the senseless killing of wildlife.   Raising animals for food is also cruel as animals live confined in small cages or crates, before being loaded on a truck terrified, to be sent to a slaughterhouse to a gruesome death.   ‘Free range’ does not improve much the living conditions and fate of the animals.


Most animals killed by the meat, dairy and egg industry are still babies or very young animals.  Male baby chicks are ground up alive in the egg industry because they are considered a product waste.  Dairy consumption is also another problem, as cows are forcefully impregnated and their calves are taken away immediately after birth to be sent to slaughter.  Dairy consumption makes no sense as we are the only species to consume the milk of another species, and throughout adulthood.  Cow’s milk is for baby cows and is meant for infants of the same species as their mother.  ‘Spent’ dairy cows are routinely sent to slaughter at the age of five years old.  


Raising cattle is also wasteful as it takes up huge amounts of water and grain that could feed millions of people in third world countries such as African countries.   Meat consumption sustains hunger, drought and poverty.   Huge amounts of water are wasted in order to raise beef and dairy cattle, which has been largely responsible for droughts and water shortages, as seen in California last year.  Animal agriculture altogether needs to go, which means stop creating a demand for it.   For more information about the destructive effects of animal agriculture on the planet, watch:





Animal Ethics:




Vegan Recipes

One Green Planet:







Sabine Blais

International Centre of Aqualead


February 7, 2016




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