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The Wand in the Aqualead level II Program

The Wand in the Aqualead Program II


Using the wands in Aqualead level II


General Use

A wand becomes an extension of your hands and of your energy field.  Hold the wand lightly in your hand without clasping it or holding it too tightly.  You may feel like your hand will move the wand a certain way.  This is normal; the energy is circulating through your arm, then from the base of the wand toward the tip.   It greatly enhances your energy potential; you can point the wand toward the space you wish to open or energize.  You can also point the wand with the intention of manifesting or healing something. 


Draw Aqualead symbols with the wand and point it in order to send distant healing. 



To meditate with your wand, hold the wand upright in front of your body and hold the base with both hands.  Connect with the energy of the wand, eyes closed; likely you will receive messages or visions, especially if there is a crystal attached. 


18 inch crystal wands


*The use of wands is now added to the Aqualead Program, at the level II and Master levels of Aqualead.



Please note: the use of wands in the scope of the Aqualead Program is not related to Wicca, witchcraft or any other religious/ritual practice.




Sabine Blais

International Centre of Aqualead

October 2, 2016



© Sabine Blais

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