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Is Practising Aqualead Spiritual?

Is practising Aqualead Spiritual?

Commentary by Sabine Blais



Blending Environmentalism, Holistic Health and Spirituality 


Since we began practising this new energy healing modality six years ago, some new questions have arisen, especially whether practising Aqualead is spiritual, environmental, or both?  This new energy is focused on environmental healing, yet it is practised on people in a healing session, and requires channelling a subtle energy that is not measured by science.  Hence, this crossroads of different ideas and concepts can be somewhat confusing when understanding how Aqualead works.


The answer to whether Aqualead is a spiritual practise would definitely lean more towards a ‘yes’ based on my own experience.   Aqualead is a holistic practise and the modality, which does not rely on modern medicine or drugs, ranks more among the alternative and natural health therapies.   But since this technique works with a subtle energy that heals such as Reiki, it has a more spiritual connotation.  The energy is channelled from a higher source that is not from here.  And the fact that the Aqualead modality requires an attunement in order to practise it also links us to the invisible and more subtle levels; practising Aqualead does entail awareness of energy and the use of the intuition.  Still, what makes the practise of Aqualead a spiritual experience is the fact that there is some meditation included in the Aqualead program.  Working with such a high vibration of energy requires some time to adapt and to get to know this energy, when one begins harnessing it.   This requires some practise, and some time to meditate while in such a high energy space.  


The same way Reiki involves some ancient Eastern practises such as meditation, Chi exercises and Qi Gong, Aqualead also includes some meditation, and it seems only natural to do so.  I found it almost impossible not to incorporate knowledge of chakras in teaching Aqualead, since the same spiritual anatomy applies in the practise of the healing session.  However it is interesting to note that Reiki is closely associated with Buddhist principles, and many Reiki symbols are in Japanese Kanji, while Aqualead does not have any ancient cultural or spiritual ‘background’ attached to it. Aqualead is practised over the same chakras as in other healing modalities and the same notion applies with the attunement process. This is also what clearly differentiates Aqualead from environmentalist groups or animal rights groups; that is the subtle energy that is employed as opposed to taking direct physical action, such as blocking whaling ships at sea or putting up banners.  We now have a different approach to environmental issues, which combines a holistic practise, a subtle healing energy and environmental action.


Another spiritual aspect of the energy of Aqualead is the origin of the energy itself.  This is not an energy that is from here, and also entails the presence of invisible beings: angels, elemental beings, unicorns…   We are delving in the invisible world and connecting to nature not only physically, but on a more subtle level, by reaching beings that exist in a higher dimension.  These beings are largely considered ‘fictional’ or ‘fantasy’ by many and this now poses a challenge to skeptics, since practising a subtle healing energy requires faith and trust in our higher senses. Hence practising Aqualead allows one to open to these magical new experiences, while remaining grounded in our physical dimension.   When working with Aqualead it is not uncommon to cleanse and purify the space we work in by smudging it with incense, Palo Santo and using crystals for healing.   These are all things that seem to blend in, as well as healing mantras, Tibetan singing bowls and prayer.   The practise of Aqualead is sometimes reminiscent of native aboriginal cultures, shamanism and even some Celtic origins.  There is a strong connection to the natural world and a conscious desire to preserve and protect it.  There is a respect and reverence towards the animal kingdom, where non-human animals are acknowledged as a part of Spirit, as well as trees, rocks, and the elements.  Hence, we can see the spirituality of Aqualead converging with several traditions, from different angles.


I first channelled Aqualead in 2008 with the assistance of an angel (I was aware of this presence), which right away points to a spiritual origin.  Yet the energy came from another part of the universe, therefore having an ‘extra-terrestrial’ origin.   Aqualead came to me from an invisible, immeasurable source; it was never taught to me from another person, and I did not read about it in books prior to its existence in this world.  It seems obvious that the unexpected arrival of Aqualead came to me with some intent and reason.  Perhaps this was sent to me from a higher intelligence?  This seems to point towards high beings in a different form, watching us from afar.  Maybe they are sending us information from another galaxy in order to help us?


Regardless of Aqualead’s extra-terrestrial origins, the intention of the energy is positive and has a strong healing effect.   It is focused on water, and all life here is made of water.  But if we look at the symbols of Aqualead (there are nine symbols in the Program), we see tools that work with a higher purpose.  Some of the Aqualead symbols go beyond healing water and the planet, and can release and eradicate negative lower energies. We can then confront certain issues from a spiritual aspect, such as dealing with negative energy, entities and other dark thought forms that can influence human behaviour or cause various ailments.   Aqualead can also remove energy blockages, keep out negative energies, and heal relationships.  Some people who have worked with the energy commonly have visions of elemental beings and other spiritual beings such as angels, archangels and ascended masters. Others refer to Aqualead as Light and often link it to the angelic realm.  Aqualead is used as a powerful tool to cleanse and purify water, ridding it of energetic, chemical and emotional debris.   Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work has already revealed to us the impact our thoughts, words and actions have on water and how water is able to mimic and absorb the energy it is exposed to.   Aqualead also purifies the human body at the emotional, mental level, and powerfully removes negative energy, not only at the physical level. 


Nonetheless, Aqualead brings us more challenges as healers and is serving me as a great teacher, as time goes by.  There is much to learn from this new energy, as it addresses human consciousness, our attitudes towards the world, nature and the animal kingdom, and how we treat one another. I hope the light Aqualead brings us shines for everyone and everything, as we learn to bridge the gaps between the different dimensions (fourth, fifth, sixth, etc..). May you prosper and be blessed on your own personal and spiritual journey.


Love and Light,


Sabine Blais

Author of ‘The Story of Aqualead: A New Healing Energy for a New Earth’

Founder of the International Centre of Aqualead


Note: Aqualead classes and attunements are not taught or performed remotely at a distance.



December 30, 2014


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