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Why is Aqualead Free of Charge?

Why is Aqualead Free of Charge?

Commentary by Sabine Blais



A Priceless Energy for Crucial Times.


Aqualead is a new energy healing modality that has now been among us for six years.  Like any novelty in our modern world, Aqualead has brought us many challenges and clashes of ideas and mentalities.  However what has made Aqualead more unique and different compared to other energy healing modalities is the fact that Aqualead is free of charge.  The sessions and classes are free, however voluntary donations are accepted. Still, this has proven an issue for some.


When I first began receiving the first wave of channelling of Aqualead in Buenos Aries  back in 2008, I was told from the beginning by these new beings that this energy was meant to be free, and was not be commercialized in the form of a business.   Given the power, uniqueness and purpose of Aqualead, which is to heal the Earth, water and all life it supports, I understood this right away.   The main point of focus for Aqualead is centred on healing the Earth, and this urgent sense of caring for the environment is not be blurred with financial concerns.  It seems many healing modalities that include a cost or a fee, become very often entangled with personal and business interests, and the true healing intention behind the modality becomes somewhat diffused and even masked.  I have seen this many times with other energy healing modalities. This is only one aspect of why the Aqualead healing modality is being practised and taught for free.   Great effort is made to maintain a level of purity of intention in Aqualead and of its priority, which is healing/restoring the planet and defending animal life.


The other important aspect is the nature of the energy itself.  Aqualead has elemental attributes which are noticeable; it is a healing energy with a high angelic vibration, however it is very earthy and natural, and connects us powerfully to the elemental realm.  Thus, practising Aqualead enables us to have a much closer and intimate bond with the elements of nature as well as with these invisible beings such as fairies, elves, and gnomes.   This is something that is little known and understood in our modern industrial world, yet which does exist.  This is why Aqualead’s presence is crucial, as we learn to tap into the natural abundance and prosperity associated with elemental beings.   When we observe nature, grass grows effortlessly without needing to be coaxed.  The sun shines for all life on Earth everywhere, without us having to pay for it.  Nature is the perfect example of this love and generosity which is found within the universe that surrounds us. By harnessing the energy of Aqualead we also learn to trust it and not become motivated by fear or need; by working this way, we attract more as we allow the energy to sustain us.  


Being an energy of the fifth dimension, we are also challenged to move beyond fear and insecurity and learn to master our own selves, and to be happy with what we already possess.   Hence Aqualead poses a series of challenges to us and is asking us to do a good deed to assist our planet without always demanding something in return.  What comes in return from this is cleaner water and air, safer foods and a greater satisfaction that we are leaving a better legacy for mother earth and future generations to come. This goes against our common mentality, that ‘time is money’, or the concept of poverty (or the polarity between rich and poor), which is associated with lack of money and food, etc..  Aqualead is encouraging us to defy these patterns of thinking.  And the modality being free of charge definitely opens us to these new challenges as healers.   


I have noticed that Aqualead can be even more misleading among Reiki practitioners and masters, who are trained to think there must be a ‘monetary exchange’ for a healing session or class.  This concept established by Dr. Ushui applies for Reiki; however people forget that Aqualead is not a style or variation of Reiki.  In fact, this is not Reiki at all, and many fall into the trap of treating Aqualead like a ‘style of Reiki’ and applying these set rules, from another more established modality.  And those who approach Aqualead with this mindset are often the most surprised and confused, since the energy of Aqualead behaves differently from Reiki, and has a more definite and specific purpose, closely related to the elemental realm and nature.  Aqualead points us back towards the forest and the fields; it calls us to the river banks and wants us to assist the oceans and struggling wildlife, everywhere on the planet.  We now have in our hands a powerful wake-up call, and a call to take action, brought to us by this lively, dynamic new energy.


This energy, which was sent from afar to assist us in this world, is truly a priceless gift.  This is why I am grateful and honoured to share this energy with other or new healers, without charging a cent.  I accept voluntary donations left in a basket; some people bring gifts and other goodies – Aqualead classes are always a tremendous experience, both for me and for the students.  Often the donations I receive exceed my expectations, not to mention the many friends I have made and travelling opportunities I have encountered over the years.   Aqualead is truly a wondrous adventure in new energy, and I hope its power continues to spread to the entire planet and human race, to bring some balance and justice to all species.


Note: Aqualead classes and attunements are not taught or performed remotely at a distance.



Sabine Blais

Author of ‘The Story of Aqualead: A New Healing Energy for a New Earth’

Founder of the International Centre of Aqualead


December 27, 2014


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